AI opportunities

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Algorithms offer numerous opportunities to do a huge amount of good. This is another reason why it seems urgent to develop robustly beneficial algorithms.


The key reason why algorithms offer huge opportunities is because they automatically process information, which is critical to essentially all human endeavors.

Healthcare, education, environmental actions, charity, social justice, welfare. All strongly rely on collecting reliable relevant data, processing adequately these data to output quality information, storing information in a secure manner, and communicating the right information to the right entities.



Diagnosis. Treatment. Research.

KGH14 tweaked the Facebook recommendation algorithm for a week and showed that short-time exposure to more positive or negative contents changed what users would then post. Effects are small. But HOT15 suggest that longer exposure could yield important effects. This is further discussed in RB3 and RB4 (upcoming).

Mental health

Diagnosis. Treatment. Research. But through social media data as well.

See mental health for more.


Diagnosis. Treatment. Research. Raising awareness. Surveillance. Enforcement.


Diagnosis. Treatment. Research. Recommendation.

Social justice

DLA11 showed hunger bias in judges' rulings (with replies WieinshallmargelShapard11 DLA11b).

Diagnosis. Treatment. Research. Raising awareness.